Let Your Communication Take Flight

This session explores the four communication styles and how these styles impact the delivery and reception of a message. In order to build better relationships and create trust, it is essential to modify communication approaches to each style using key strategies. Communication takes flight when you can recognize the four types of communication styles and flex your own style to build better connections.


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Elevate Performance, Elevate Results

This interactive session explores the importance of mindset for individual and group performance. Participants will gain awareness about their excess potential, limiting beliefs and the need to seize the 3 C’s that drive performance. Elevate Performance, Elevate Results challenges participants to adopt a “How Might We” mindset and master their personal motivations to achieve greater results.


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Coaching for Performance

Cindy Novak utilizes her experience as a leader in business and with the NHL alumni and team coaches to explore the key elements needed to “Coach for Performance”. This session utilizes several situational coaching examples to highlight the four steps to effective coaching and how to quickly engage your direct reports to improve performance.